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PLATINUM Package - 24 Hr In-Person+Zoom

Let us help you with the finishing touches of the NEW YOU!

  • 24 hr
  • 3,975 US dollars
  • Miami|New York

Service Description

Advice on what to do after surgery, you will have a lot of physical changes, and a lot of maintenance to do what the doctor can’t always prepare you for. Let us help you with the finishing touches of the new you! So you did the surgery, now what? How do you maintain? How do you sit? How do you sleep, what about sex? What about driving to work? how long do you wear your garment. After surgery you go through one of the most difficult phases, Recovery. Some get depressed, some feel lost, and some just want to give up. If you want to know the answer for anyone of these questions, this consultation is for you. - How do I keep up and maintain - Diet and Workout? - Where do I get post op treatment - What do I do now? - Garment Changes - Where to get your massages - Where to get your garments - Where to get your supplies - Diet and Workout advice

Contact Details

  • Miami, FL, USA

  • NYC, NY, USA

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