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The Plastic Plug, also known as the upper east side womans best kept secret  @Kat.Badd with the small waist and pretty face! With over 13k instagram followers and the reputation of a Good girl gone Badd, she's been spotted on the New York social scene in clubs such as Privileged, Penthouse, Atlantis NYC, Starlets and more. Her journey began in 2018, when she decided that becoming a mixologist was more than just knowing how to pour a mixed drink but that it's a culture...And if you want to be successful at it, you have to invest in your look...and your body!!!! It was then that she got a chance to work and train under one of NYC's premiere plastic surgery centers as a surgical coordinator where she learned how to help women and men navigate the world of plastic surgery! 

For many years, Kat.Badd worked in the entertainment industry making thousands of dollars but with a goal of making millions one day, so she researched ways to access an affluent lifestyle and the secret is simple - "Invest in yourself! YOU are your BEST INVESTMENT!!! With this motto in mind that she lives by everyday, Kat also realized that part of the investment in self meant physically too. So she decided that plastic surgery along with a healthy diet and strategic workout plan designed individually for her was the answer to building a better brand.

Prior to her journey of revamping her look and also her brand, Kat did tons of research for months before deciding what surgery she wanted done specific to her needs and desired look, such as finding the best surgeons in the business, where the best places to have the surgery arethe best places to have the surgery are, best recovery houses, best pre + post products and services, what are the complete costs of all things associated with surgery, things to do during healing to help get over the emotional hump that plastic surgery might bring & where to shop for clothes for you new body! ​​

With all her determination and detailed research, Kat found the perfect plastic surgeon and was ready to move to the next phase of her journey. However, during this time she wished that there was a reputable person, website or company that could have helped to make her plastic surgery journey easier and less stressful. That's when she decided to create, - a direct contact to all things plastic surgery! If you're looking to make body enhancements but want guidance and help making the best choices for your needs and desires - The Plastic Plug can help!

Invest in YOURSELF today...Book The Plastic Plug!

The Plastic Plug offers free consultations when you book her services as your Plastic Surgery Coordinator or as Body Sculpting Therapist, which includes access to a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures, along with referrals to some of New York's most prestigious board certified Plastic Surgeons for all you aesthetics needs. You will have the guidance of an expert, like The Plastic Plug to inform you of what to and not to expect, what you need financially along with access to discounts on procedures, services and products, updates on surgeon information and new plastic surgery procedures, food and workout plans, events, free contests, giveaways and more! 

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